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Why can't I clock in and out?

If your company is currently using MakeShift to keep track of time and attendance, you may have the ability to clock in and out directly from your phone. This depends on whether the management at your company has decided to use this feature. 

If the feature is enabled, and you cannot clock in and out as per normal, your employer may have set a department geofence. The department geofence requires you to clock in and clock out within the specified geofence. This allows employers to ensure employees are only clocking in and out for shifts when they are actually at work. 

If you are within the specified geofence, and your location services are preventing you from clocking in and clocking out, please attempt to:

  1. Ensure location services are turned on.
  2. Ensure location services are allowed for MakeShift.
  3. Turn location services off and on again.
  4. Restart your device, iOS or Android.