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Setting Your Language Preference

MakeShift is offered in three different languages: English, French and Spanish. Each user can set their own language preference. 

MakeShift will appear based on your device language preferences. If a language other than English, French or Spanish is selected, MakeShift will default to English. For more information on how to set your language within your Android device, please click here.


Your push notification language will be based on your language preference set in your MakeShift app settings. Begin from the schedule view and click on the navigation drawer at the top left.

Screenshot_20190930-092339_MakeShift Demo

Click on Account.

Account Tab-2
Click on Settings.

Screenshot_20190930-092345_MakeShift Demo

Click on Correspondence Language.

Screenshot_20190930-092350_MakeShift Demo

Choose your language preference and your push notifications will now be delivered in your desired language choice.

Screenshot_20190930-092350_MakeShift Demo