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Posting an Available Shift

Starting from the main Schedule screen, click on the Schedule tab at the top to view your options pane. 


Directory Button

Choose Approvals from the options pane.

Posting an Available Shift android 12


On the Available Shifts screen you will see any other available shifts that have been sent out as well as how many people have requested to pick these shifts up. Click the at the top right to send out a new available shift. 

Posting an Available Shift android 3


Fill out all of the information for this available shift by clicking on each row. You can choose a shift template that already exists or create a new custom shift start and end time. You will also have the option to filter by position or skills, add a break(s), hide the end time of the shift and/or filter by employment types (full-time, part-time or casual).

Posting an Available Shift android 4


There is a Notes section under the shift details should you choose to add a note to this new available shift. Once you have filled out all of the shift information, click Save at the top right corner.

Posting an Available Shift android 5


You will see a confirmation message letting you know that your available shift was created successfully. This available shift is automatically sent through push notification to all of the employees who match the position and other details you specified. As long as they are not already working, they will see this available shift on their phone and will be able to request it right away.

Posting an Available Shift android6