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Managing Available Shifts

Available shifts are created and managed by each separate department.  The available shifts can also be created and managed in two separate locations: the Department Calendar and the department's Available Shifts.


To manage available shifts via the department calendar follow these steps:

Select the Departments link from the top navigation bar.

Navigation bar


Select the department you would like to add an available shift to by clicking that Department's name.

Calgary Departments Overview 

All Available Shifts appear as red boxes in the top row of the department calendar. To manage an available shift click the red box.


The Shift Details section shows information on the available shift, such as the location, the department, the shift type, the employment types who received the available shift, and the position that was assigned to the shift.


The Requests tab shows you all employees who have requested the available shift. The employees are listed in the order that they requested the available shift. Click the green Assign button to assign the available shift to the employee.


The Eligible Employees tab shows you all the employees who are eligible to work, meaning they are not already working. You can click Sort By in the top right corner to reorganize based on Availability, Seniority, Weekly Hours or Alphabetical. Click the green Assign button to assign the shift to the employee.



After you have assigned the required number of employees to the available shift, click the red Remove button. Employees will now no longer be able to request the available shift. All employees who have been assigned the available shift will still have the shift.