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How to Set Your Availability

Click on the Availability tab directly beneath your schedule.

Availability Tab-1

Scroll through the days of the week by sliding left or right at the top of the screen or up and down. You can also move ahead months by clicking on the blue arrow at the top right of the screen. 


You can either select "All Day" availability, create a custom block of availability, set a favourite availability, or set repeating availability. To set a favourite availability or to set repeating availability, select the options icon in the top right corner.

IMG_0416 2

Toggle between Favourites or Repeating to view your favourite availability or repeating availability. To create a new favourite availability, click Favourites at the top and select the + button in the top right corner.


Set a favourite block of availability by selecting a Start Time or End Time.


Select a time.


Once you have selected your available time, click Done in the top right corner.


To create a new repeating availability, click Repeating at the top and select the + button in the top right corner.


Set repeating availability by selecting Start Time or End Time.


Select a time.


Once you have selected your availability time, choose which days you would like your availability to repeat on by clicking Repeat On. 

IMG_0435 copy

Select one or more days. Click "Create New" to return to the previous screen in the top left corner.


If you would like this repeating availability to start on a specific day, select Start Date.

IMG_0435 copy 2

If you would like this repeating availability to end on a specific day, toggle the End Date button and you will now be able to select a date.


Once you have selected your repeating availability time, click Done in the top right corner.


To return to the main availability screen, click Availability in the top left corner.


You can also create custom availability for a particular day by clicking the Create New button.


Set a block of availability by selecting Start Time or End Time.


Select the times by using the scroll.


Click Done in the top right corner.


You can also save this custom availability as a favourite availability or repeating availability to use for other days by toggling the Favourite or Repeating button. Click Done when complete. 

You can now tap each block of time that you are willing or available to work. The block will turn green when you tap on it. You can remove an available block by tapping on it again.


Once you have set your availability, click Schedule in the top left corner to return to your schedule.

IMG_0443 (1)

The availability that you set will automatically be uploaded on your main schedule. This availability is also sent directly to your scheduler so that they can see your availability right away. Remember to keep this availability updated if plans change and you need to add or remove times when you can work. 

On the main schedule, you can select individual days to reveal a side pane that will also allow you to set or change your availability.


You can also edit specific days with repeating availability if necessary, by tapping on the green block. Confirm by pressing Ok.