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How to See Who Else is Working

On the main Schedule, click on a day to see who is working that day. You can choose any day of the month whether or not you are also working that day.

Shift Details

Click on the people icon at the top right corner.

People Icon-1

You will now see a list of all employees that are working on this day in this department in chronological order by shift start time. You can also see what position each employee is working. If you work in more than one department, you can switch between departments using the left and right arrows along the top of the screen. The name of the department you are currently viewing is in the heading at the top. Use the Search Bar if you are looking to see if a specific employee is working that day. Start typing the employee's name that you are looking for and the list of employees will filter down for you.

Who is Working - Done

Click Done at the top left corner to return to the Schedule screen.

Who is Working - Done