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How to Post a Shift for Exchange

The following article shows how you can post a shift for exchange so that other employees can offer a shift to swap with you. If you would like to read about how to offer to a shift in exchange, please read our article on How to Make an Offer on a Shift Exchange.

How to post a shift for exchange:

Click on the Exchange tab at the bottom of the Schedule screen.

Exchange Tab-3

Click on the plus sign in the top right corner or the pink Post A Shift button.

Post Shift

Your calendar will be visible with all of your scheduled shifts appearing in blue. Click on the shift that you want to exchange.
Post a Shift

The details of this shift are visible here including the location, department and position you are working. Keep in mind that only other employees that have the same position as you will be eligible to pick up this shift. Click on the Post for Exchange button. 

Post for Exchange-1

If necessary, add a note to the posted shift so other employees can see why you need your shift switched. Click Post for Exchange when complete.

Post for Exchange 2

Your posted shift will now appear under the My Posts tab on the Exchange screen. 

My Posts - Exchange

How to respond to shift exchange offers from coworkers:

You will receive a push notification when other employees offer to pick up your shift. If you dismissed the push notification, you can view your offers by clicking on the Exchange button on the bottom of the screen and selecting your post from the My Posts list. The push notification can also allow you to see the details of the exchange.

2 Offers - Exchange

You can now see how many offers you have got from other employees. Click on the preferred offer to view details.

Preferred Offer

You can now view the details of this shift that has been offered including the date and time, the employee who this shift currently belongs to, location, department and position. If this is the shift you would like to select, click the Accept This Offer button.
Accept This Offer 2

Click on Accept to confirm.
Accept Offer-1

Your shift exchange will now be marked as pending under the My Posts tab. The exchange needs to be approved by a manager before your calendar is updated.

Submitted for Approval

Once your manager has approved or declined your shift exchange, you will receive a push notification with the details of your shift exchange. If approved, your old shift will automatically be removed from your schedule and the shift you picked up in exchange will now be added to your schedule. 
Exchange Approved