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How to Manage Time Off Settings - Beta

In MakeShift, Company Administrators can manage Time Off Settings, which are global to the entire company.


To management time of settings in MakeShift, please follow these steps:

The Time Off options are:

  • All Day Time Off Requests Only (this is enabled for every company by default)
  • Partial Day Time Off Requests Only
  • All-Day and Partial-Day Requests

Select the Settings tab located in the top navigation bar.


Select Company Settings on the left-hand side.


Select an option, If Partial Time Off is enabled, employees can request hourly time off, as opposed to a full day off. This is useful for employees that only need a few hours off but still want to be scheduled. If both Partial Day and All Day Time Off Requests are enabled, employees will have the option to set a range of full days off or just specific hours of a day.


Click Update Settings. Your selected Time Off options will now be available to all employees. Employees can request time off from the employee smartphone app or Please also see our article How to Add Time Off Types.