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How to Import/Deactivate a User from Quickbooks Time

To manage your staff, go to the Users tab in the main navigation bar. 

navigation departmentsHere, you will see a tab for Users, Active and Archived.

The Users tab will show you all your staff from Quickbooks Time that can be imported into MakeShift. You must import your users before you can start scheduling. To import your employees, select multiple employees, or all, and click Import Selected



All users that are successfully synced will be shown in the ‘Active’ tab. If there was an error with importing employees, due to an invalid field, an error message will be displayed. 

Once you have imported an employee from Quickbooks Time, the imported user will show up on your MakeShift Users list. You will then be able to assign the employee to his or her appropriate location(s) and department(s), as well as assign them an appropriate position. 

Anytime a change is made in Quickbooks Time to one of the fields we sync, it will automatically be updated in MakeShift.

All information synced from Quickbooks Time is read-only in MakeShift. This prevents administrators and employees from updating information in MakeShift that will immediately be overwritten by Quickbooks Time. As Quickbooks Time is the system of record, users are instructed to make any changes to their profile information in Quickbooks Time.

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