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How to Add Time Off Types

In MakeShift, employees can request different time off types such as Bereavement, Sick Day, Vacation, etc. Company admins can set the type of time off types allowed for employees to request. This page is read-only for all location admins and department admins. 


Select the Time Off tab located in the top black navigation bar.

time off nav

Click on Types.



Click the green Add Time Off Type button.

add to types


Give your time off type a Name. This is what employees will use to identify their time off type when making a request. Administrators will also be able to choose this time off type when assigning time off to an individual. A Time Off Code can be entered if necessary. This code will appear when exporting payroll. Each time off type will have 8 Hours in a Work Day by default. If your company tracks a full day differently, this value can be edited. This number is used to show how much time off in hours is taken for each employee when full days are taken off.

name to type


Click the Save button to finish creating your time off type. Administrators and employees will now be able to select this time off type when creating a time off request.

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