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Fatigue Management Rules

You can add different fatigue management rules to help avoid fatigue situations when day-to-day scheduling. These rules will prompt a notification window to appear, warning managers and schedulers. Fatigue management rule warnings will also appear in MakeShift Live to assist preventing overtime or fatigue situations. *Note: This is not the same as Overtime Rules and does not affect payroll.


Click on Departments on the top navigation bar.

Navigation bar


Select the department that you would like to set the fatigue management rules for.

Calgary Departments Overview


Click on Profile on the left navigation bar.



Select the Fatigue Management tab.

Fatigue Management Tab-1

Like mentioned, you can set up to five fatigue management rules to set scheduling guidelines. Click Add Fatigue Rule. 

Add Fatigue Rule-1


Use the drop down menus to help create your guidelines. Click Save when you are done.

Edit Fatigue Rule-1


You will now receive a warning if you trigger a fatigue rule. Click Cancel to avoid violating a fatigue rule, or Continue Assigning Shift if you would like to proceed.

Fatigue Rule Warning