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Employee Photo Punches

If time and attendance is enabled for your account, MakeShift also provides the ability for employers to require a photo when employees are clocking in and out for their shifts. This is very useful for employers who are concerned about buddy punching. To turn on this feature for your account, please contact us at or submit a request here.


To view an employee photo punch, begin by clicking on the Departments tab on the top navigation bar.

navigation departments

Click on the name of your department to get to the weekly schedule. From here, click on Timesheets on the left navigation bar.


On the main timesheets page, you will see the current pay period dates, a list of your employees and a separate timesheet for each individual. If this timesheet has already been approved and sent to payroll, you will not be able to make edits until the timesheet is re-opened. Location Admins and Company Admins can re-open timesheets. If employee photo punches are required, employee photos will appear above their clock in and clock out times.


To learn more about editing timesheets, please see our article here.