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Desktop Time Clock Mode

If time and attendance is enabled for your account, MakeShift also provides administrators with a desktop time clock mode to allow employees to clock in and out for their shifts. This is very useful for employees who may not have smartphones to clock in and out from or for those who simply forget their phone. 

Read the following article to learn how to enter time clock mode on a desktop computer. To see a list of compatible browsers, please read our article here.

To enter time clock mode, begin by clicking your name on the top navigation bar.

Locations Dashboard

A dropdown list of options will appear. Select Time Clock Mode.

time clock mode tab

You are now in time clock mode. Employees can clock in and out for their shifts by entering their employee ID number here. Employees will not have any scheduling or approval access in this mode. If any employee ID is entered, it will time out after 15 seconds for security purposes. *Desktop Time Clock Mode does not support employee photo punches.

time clock mode

To return to MakeShift, click your name in the top right corner. A dropdown will appear. Select Admin.

time clock mode.png2


You will be asked to enter your password to return to MakeShift. This password protection ensures that employees cannot gain access to the manager app when using time clock mode. Once you have entered your password, click Continue to return to MakeShift. 

time clock mode 3


**Note: If you are using Desktop Time Clock Mode, please remember to avoid using Autofill passwords. If an employee clears the history or browser, the account will no longer be accessible. However, it can be accessed if autofill passwords are available. Please use the same precautions as needed on any public computer.