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Creating Positions

Positions are an important part of MakeShift as they allow schedulers to ensure the right people are working at the right time. 


To add a new position to a department, follow these steps:

Select the Departments link from the top navigation bar.

Navigation bar


Select the department name that you would like to add a position to.

Calgary Departments Overview


Click on Profile on the left side navigation bar. 



Click on the Positions tab. 

position tab


Click on the green Add Position button.



Fill in the Position name and then click Save.

adding position

Your new position has been added to this department. You can now assign this position to your employees by editing the profile of existing users or adding this to new employees as you create them. If you would like to learn more about how to add, edit or delete positions from an employee's profile, please read our article on Managing an Employee's Positions.