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Adding Time-Off to an Employee's Schedule - Beta

Time off can be added to an employee's schedule via the department calendar or the employee's calendar. Select the Schedules link from the top navigation bar.

How to Create your First Department - Beta

Choose your desired department by clicking the Name of the department.

How to Add a New Employee to a Department - Beta 1


Drag and drop the grey Time Off onto the Department Calendar for the employee or employees you would like to give time off to.


Select the desired start date and end date. If you do not select a date, it will default to the single day you dragged and dropped time off onto. Select a Time-Off Type from the dropdown list. If you are a Company Admin and would like to add additional types, please read our article on How to Add Time Off Types. An admin note can also be added and is not visible to employees.

Click Create Time Off.


If your company has partial time off enabled, you can set hourly time off from the department schedule. If your company has both all-day and hourly time off enabled, the modal will show options for both.