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Add an Existing Employee to Another Department

Employees can be Added to a Department in two ways, through the Employee Profile or the Department Employees page.

To add employees to a department through the department employees page follow these steps:

Select the Departments link on the top navigation bar.

navigation departments


Select the department you would like to add employees to by clicking the Name of the desired department.

Calgary Departments Overview


Select the Employees link on the left side navigation.

Employees Panel


Scroll down to the employees listed under Not in this department. Find the employee(s) you would like to add to the department and click the green Add button for each. 

Not in this department


An employee can also be added to a department via the Employee Profile by following these steps:

Select the Users link from the top navigation bar.

user navigation


Click the name of the employee you'd like to add.

=Users List


Select the Departments tab.

Departments Tab


Click the green Add button for each department you would like to add the employee to.

Edit User - Departments